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Decadent Nut Butter Hot Chocolate

I just felt the draw of hot chocolate today so I made this! The nut butter gives it a thick texture and, as it’s free from refined sugar, not so naughty after all! Plus, the good fats found in nuts can help regulate hormone balance.

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Apple, Blackberry & Almond Crumble

Refined sugar is one of the top ingredients in most traditional crumble recipes. I’ve just browsed a number of recipes that range between 70g on the conservative side to over 200g of sugar! This recipe favours the flavours of the apples and berries and contains just 4 tsp date syrup! That’s 1 tsp per serving.

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Grab-and-Go Berry Crumble Energy Bars

Getting your quota of nuts, seeds and health food powders needn’t be a chore. These Berry Crumble Energy Bars are the perfect grab-and-go option and, unlike regular flapjacks, are densely packed with nutrients – including a seed mix to help balance hormone levels.

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