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Summer Feast Bowl with Lemon Basil Pesto

MainsSummer Feast Bowl with Lemon Basil PestoIf you're craving something light, fresh and a little different this could be the bowl for you. We have lots of flavours going on here; from the sweetness of the fruit to the bitterness of the rocket to the tangy pesto....

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Broccoli Bowl with Toasted Seeds & Orange Tahini Dressing

We can all fall into a rut, using the same ingredients and making the same meals. An easy way to shake up mealtimes is with a different dressing. It’s been very warm here so I felt like something fresh and tangy, queue the orange tahini sauce. While there are a few different elements involved in this recipe, it’s very straightforward to make. The sauce just requires the ingredients to be chucked in a blender, the sweet potatoes keep their skin on, the toasted seeds are made in minutes with no mess and the cashew kievs are optional…

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Cool Beans Mexican Salad Bowl

This is a super simple salad recipe that lets the natural flavours of the vegetables speak for themselves! While this type of food is associated with Mexican tacos, I ate this salad when trekking in the Sahara. God knows how the vegetables stayed fresh, though our Berber guide managed to rustle this up for us on a number of occasions and I’ll always remember the freshness of the flavours and hit of hydration against the sand dunes and cracked earth.

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Cauliflower & Broccoli Pasta Bake with Cashew Sauce (Vegan & Gluten Free)

When transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, we tend to swap ‘like for like’. So instead of cheese, we get vegan cheese and instead of bread we get gluten-free bread etc. These are not healthy swaps per say, as it’s swapping one processed item for another. So with that said, I’m not a big proponent for these alternatives, however, brown rice pasta is just made out of brown rice flour, not a dozen more ingredients as the case can be. So if you’re looking for an old regular to turn to among all these plant-based meals, try this pasta bake!

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‘Made From Scratch’ Green Thai Curry

I love Indian food, but I’m always torn between choosing a spicy or a creamy dish. Yes, there’s the Ceylon, but I either like it Vindaloo spicy or korma creamy. …And that’s the great thing about Thai food, it’s both. You get the thick, creamy coconut sauce with the hit of spiciness, and without that build up of heat.

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Quinoa Tabbouleh with Gluten-Free Falafels & Turmeric-Yoghurt Dressing

Don’t be put off at the thought of making your own falafels, burgers and such. Yes, it’s more work than buying them pre-made, but not that much work. I just lob all of the falafel ingredients into a blender and now you just have to coat and cook them. Getting hands-on with your food is a great way to reconnect with the fundamentals of life and I find it quite peaceful, a bit like mediating-in-movement. Or put on some music and have fun.

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Curried Vegetable Ramen (Soy-Free)

Japenese-style food is amazing as it’s cooked light and fast which helps to retain nutrients and is packed with some seriously potent ingredients such as coriander, lime, garlic and lots of ginger – and that’s before all of the vegetables.

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10 Minute Pesto with Zucchini Pasta (Gluten & Dairy Free)

Pasta has always been a quick fix, but the combination of grains and dairy can leave you feeling heavy and sluggish. Enter zucchini pasta (or courgette as we call it here in the UK). With a handheld spiralizer (which you can pick on Amazon for very little), you can make yourself this green pasta. Pesto is traditionally made in pestle and mortar – this is a quick version, all you need to do is chuck the ingredients into a blender and you’re good to go. You can even eat this raw.

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Vegan Cooked Breakfast with Mashed Avocado, Scrambled ‘Eggs’ and Sweet Potato Rosti

I love a cooked breakfast (at any time of the day), but what I love, even more, is when a non-vegan raves about a vegan meal (in this case, my husband has given it his seal of approval). I’m not a militant, it’s just that veggie or vegan meals can be really hard to grasp for a lot of people. This recipe has lots of tasty elements – dill is perhaps my most favourite herb, avocado lightens and brightens everything up and yet another use for sweet potatoes!

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Ella Inspired Buddha Bowl

This Asian-style bowl is one of my most favourite meals. Lots of textures and flavours going on here! While it may look like a light option, the nut butter is extremely filling, and all without rice or noodles. The Asian Peanut Salad Bowl recipe was originally posted by Deliciously Ella. I’ve altered it slightly to make it soy-free and included some extra plant goodies.

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