Make self-care a priority.

{ these are the self-care rituals I use and have found to be beneficial  }

*This is strictly informational and not intended as medical or nutritional advice,
nor as a substitution for medical or nutritional advice.

elf-care cannot be underestimated. In fact, it is foundational to your entire wellbeing.

…And I mean this is a very pragmatic sense. The more time spent with the sympathetic nervous system switched on, the more chronically imbalanced we will get.

So while the sympathetic nervous system plays an important role in the body – it’s responsible for your “fight, flight or freeze” reflexes needed for critical situations – we shouldn’t live our lives in this heightened state of stress.

You see, stress is at the root of all chronic ‘dis-ease’ (of blood, nerve, lymph). 

…And since having endometriosis is an additional stress on top of daily life, it is vital to spend time each day to empty your bucket.


Self-Care Rituals

A nourishing meal
 Herbal remedies
Immune boosting (plant-derived minerals), hormone balancing (adaptogens), stress relieving (herbs, CBD oil), anti-inflammatory (curcumin, CBD oil) s
Relaxation techniques (meditation, breathing)
Myofascial release (relieving scar tissue)
Acupressure (for acute pain and organ-specific support)
Me Time Moments (e.g. reading a book, Netflix fireplace, making a tahini hot chocolate)
Bath recipes (
Epsom salt for muscle tension, essential oils for relaxation and calmness)

Time in nature (barefoot walking)
Yoga (gentle, stretching movement to help you connect with your body and unwind).



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