The Endo Diet® is a fully HOLISTIC approach here to support you
on your journey of endo SELF-CARE 

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You deserve to be free from pain and to have energy at your disposal for whatever adventures you choose.

Through a strategic approach, I was able to systematically resolve each of my symptoms (we’re talking intense pain, debilitating fatigue, bloating, brain fog, food intolerances and more) and get my life back. 

…And not just enough to get through the day, but the body freedom to climb, trek and travel all over the world.


Anyone feel better?

100% better. 

I was advised by my doctor to cut out any wheat products and that made a difference almost instantly. The bloating I’ve always carried around went down and the pain went as well. I eat less meats as these tend to feel heavy on my stomach. I eat a lot of fresh veg and fish for protein.

Life changing to say the least.


Yes yes yes. Been doing it for 6 months fully and it has been life changing. 

I have minimal flare ups. Less bloating. And I’ve lost almost 30 lbs.

Alexis M

Yesssss! 100 times better!

My fallopian tubes even cleared up after 6 months on it 😍🙏 (ie. less retrograde bleeding)

Meri Hellman Sorgaard

Me!!!! 7 months in!!

And I even have spurge days and I may hurt for up to 3 days after I splurge, but this diet has changed my life! Please try it! 

And just fyi, it may take a month to notice anything. But you’ll feel better every single month.

Alison J

Yes it’s been a life changer!

Erika Calderon


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Our group is for anyone wishing to learn more about a natural approach to endometriosis and has connected over a thousand of us thus far. 

We take a progressive, action-orientated approach to feeling better. 

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Raw seed bars were one of the first ‘health food’ recipes I ever made – they’re so simple to make and you can really pack in the good stuff! Seeds, nuts and coconut oil are all good sources of essential fatty acids and, as the name suggests, are essential to the body. EFA’s and are involved in numerous processes including brain and nerve function, energy, metabolism and healthy skin, hair and nails.

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Cooling Green Smoothie

This uber-green smoothie is calming and cooling and can be used pre-that time of the month to help combat excess heat and inflammation. Since smoothies are blended foods, this makes them very easy for your body to digest. Digestion consumes vast amounts of energy so by taking the load of the digestive system, your body can channel energy towards cleansing and healing.

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Overnight Coconut Oats

When transitioning to a plant-based diet, it can seem like work (chopping, chopping, chopping veg). I believe any extra effort is completely worth it, though it is nice when you can have a recipe that bears instructions as short and brief as these! Since you make it the night before, it’s there waiting for you when you wake up, perfect if you want to fit in a 15-minute home-yoga session first thing.

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